Although fancy advertising, publicity and paid promotions are all very good ways of growing your business they are not necessarily the best way to do it. This is because there are plenty of other ways in which you can organically grow your brand at either a very low cost or for free. You just have to find the right way for you and your brand. So, we have put together a list of ways you can organically grow your brand.

Using HashTags

Using hashtags on social media will push your content out to a wider audience. This way you will attract new customers and grow your online presence. Hashtags are becoming more and more used on the Internet and on social media as they have been proven to bring in more views, likes and followers to your website or social page.

The great thing about hashtags is that there are specific times that your hashtags may be trending. Therefore if you base your posting around them times, you will get more views from a wider audience, hopefully increasing conversions or engagement.

Consistent Posting

Whether you’re posting on social media, blogs on the website, or even about new products, you should make your posting consistent. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to post four times a day, every single, day. It just means that you should post at the same time on the same day, every time you post. For example, if you are posting a YouTube video, you should set a specific day of the week which you will post. This way the people who keep on top of your content will be able to recognize and understand when they should be looking out for your content.

You could also try to base your posting on the most popular times to post. These can be found in the analytics section of your pages. You should be able to see the best times for you to post depending on when your followers are most active. Although if you’re just starting out, or you have a low following, it might be best for you to stick to the most popular times to post depending on your location.

Connect with followers and customers

This is another great way to grow your following and your audience. People love to be interacted with, in other words, if you share a conversation with a follower, they are more likely to prefer your brand to a brand that does not interact with them. Building relationships with customers is an essential task you should do when trying to grow your brand organically. This does not necessarily mean that you need to privately message every single one of your followers. But, instead, why not post content they can either relate to or interact with. This way they will allow them to feel like your brand values the audience.

Invest in your website

The website which looks the part is a great way to kickstart the growth of your company. To start off with nobody likes to use a website that is confusing or full of advertisements. Therefore making your website look attractive, feel attractive, and be easy to use is a great way for you to begin growing your business.

But the look and feel of the website is not the only reason you should invest in a website. One of the most important aspects of the website is search engine optimisation (SEO). You should try to optimise your content as much as you can to help you rank higher on search engines. Here at Hive Digital Media, we focus on not only SEO but also website development to help your website be the best it can be.

Know your competiton

Keeping on track of what your competition is doing in the industry is a great way to plan out what you can do. This will enable you to stand out from the crowd and be unique when it comes to what your audience wants to see. This will lead them to hopefully see something different in your brand and allow them to choose you over all of your competition.

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As the whole of England has been confined to their homes for the past few months, you might be wondering, has the use of social media marketing increased during this period?  Teenagers especially tend to spend a lot of time on social media. The lockdown has taken the usage to the next level. This offers businesses the best opportunity to promote their brand whilst there is a higher percentage of people using social media.

Social media scrolling

Different Platforms

Global Internet traffic rose 40% due to the COVID-19 pandemic, essentially cramming more than a year’s worth of growth into just a few weeks, according to Sandvine.

Social media ads are a great way to get your content out to people all over the world with only a few clicks. If you are active on the most popular social media platforms you will understand a little bit more about how the ads work on specific sites.

For example on Instagram ads Appear not only in the feed but also in the stories. This gives your brand a better chance of being seen by a wider audience. When you see an ad on platforms like Instagram, they appear just like an image posted by a friend, meaning, they will be seen if somebody is just casually scrolling. 

Whereas YouTube presents ads in various different ways like at the beginning of a video, at the side, underneath or even on top of the video. They are all different ways to catch users attention without impacting their use of the site too much. This technique allows the user to interact with the ad at any time depending on its position. 

Therefore more and more brands have started advertising on social media during the pandemic. This is mainly due to the high amount of people using different platforms. But, also because other ways of advertising are not available at this time. Therefore many brands have to switch up their advertising techniques. To allow them to still get traffic to the sites and pages.

What social media platforms are the best?

The social media platform which you choose entirely depends on your brand. You should consider the results that you are wanting to find. Typical things you should consider are:

  1. Where your target customers are most concentrated (usage, groups, etc.)
  2. Where your target customers are most accessible.
  3. Does your target customers most actively engage with ads. 

Please bear in mind that advertising on social media is not something which might bring you automatic results. It may require you to spend some time testing out different platforms or different strategies before you are able to know the best direction for your brand.

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Almost 5 billion videos are seen every single day on YouTube meaning there are 30 million visitors every 24 hours. Therefore making YouTube one of the best sites to give your brand as much awareness as it can get. YouTube ads attract people of all ages, not just those who are young. So, whether your target audience is people over who are younger or older, the chances of you spreading brand awareness are high.

Who will you reach?

One of the great things about YouTube Ads is that your advertisement will go straight to your target audience. According to YouTube, they have various advertising pin-pointing methods to narrow down to exactly who you want. Some examples are listed below for the video marketing side of YouTube Ads:

  1. Demographic Groups – age, gender, parental status or household income.
  2. Interests – affinity audiences, life events, Custom intent audiences.
  3. Detailed demographics – reach user based on additional broad, shared traits, such as students, homeowners or new parents.

Other examples for content marketing are also directly below:

  1. Placements
  2. Topics
  3. Keywords

What it costs:

According to YouTube, most businesses begin with a plan which is around £6 per day for local campaigns, but you can make adjustments to your plan at any time. But, despite this being said, Google owns YouTube, therefore the price of YouTube ads involves you bidding for ad placement. This means that it is hard to give an exact figure.

There are different factors which play a part when determining the price, some of them include:

  • Targeting options
  • Your bid
  • Bidding selection
  • Ad type

Creating Your YouTube Ad

When creating your YouTube Ad you need to keep multiple factors in mind. This will include, your target audience, your budget and how you want it to look.

The look of your video needs to be one of your top priorities because if what the viewer is watching is not interesting or unique, the chances of them clicking skip when it reaches the 5-second mark is likely. Although not every brand has the facilities to hire a team to create these ads, it is still important to make it look as best as it can. The better it looks and sounds, the more conversions will occur.

These ads can be created with a small homemade budget or even a larger budget, whatever you choose, you just need to ensure it is right for your pin-pointed audience. Once you have completed a few advertisements you should consider whether your budget is perfect or not and then make some changes if necessary.

Different Ad Types

There are six different types of ads when promoting on YouTube:

YouTube Ads - Display Ads

Display Ads: These are displayed right of the featured image and above the suggested videos (red box).

YouTube Ads -  Overlay Ads

Overlay Ads: Semi-transparent overlay ads which cover the lower 20% of the screen.

YouTube Ads - Skippable Video Ads

Skippable Ad Videos: These type of ads allow viewers to skip after 5 seconds. Therefore, this is why we advise you to try and make your ads as interesting and unique as possible.

YouTube Ads -  Non Skippable Video Ads

Non Skippable Ads: These ads are seen before the viewer can watch the video. This type is usually between 15 and 20 seconds long.

 Bumper Ads

Bumper Ads: These last around 6 seconds and must be viewed before you can watch the video.

 sponsored types

Sponsored Cards Ads: These display relevant information at the end of a video for a few moments before the video ends.

The different types of ads also impact the price which you will pay as some are more visible than others.

Is It Worth It?

This is personal preference as you might have found a different platform which enables you to reach a better percentage of an audience which is a better deal for your money. On the other hand, you may find YouTube to be the best. Therefore, perhaps it is something which is worth trying out and if you do not get the results you want, then you can move to advertise on a different platform.

How Can Hive Digital Media Help With Your Business?

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  5. Web Design and Development

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Top 3 Marketing Campaigns of 2020 (so far) 

Since lockdown began on March 24th we’ve seen some fairly spectacular ways of how not to advertise your business. Who can forget Wetherspoons Tim Martin commenting that his 40,000 members of staff should ‘go and work in Tesco instead’ or Sports Directs Mike Ashley initially keeping Sports Direct open as he classed it as providing an ‘essential’ service? These are just a couple of examples. However, some brands are getting their marketing ‘right’ during these unprecedented times. So, who’s managed to promote their brand in the right way? Here are our top 3 marketing campaigns of 2020 (so far). 


A great example of how to adapt to your audience is IKEA. By releasing the recipe for their famous Swedish meatballs IKEA tapped into their customers need for transparency during a difficult time. Yes, meatballs aren’t everything but just the act of disclosing the recipe of something that’s cherished in our collective subconscious is a stroke of genius. Other brands quickly followed suite including McDonalds sausage & egg McMuffin and Wagamama’s Katsu Curry. The point is they weren’t selling anything but the brand itself.  


Their recent TV campaign using homemade KFC (including branded buckets and paper-cups) tapped into the nation’s obsession with some much-missed classics such as KFC’s Bargain Bucket and Zinger Burger. Don’t even get me started on McDonald’s – you truly don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone.


The Last Mile – Volkswagen said goodbye to their trusty Beetle with a great video accompanied by the Beatles ‘Let it Be’. The iconic Beetle can be held up as a symbol of great design, it also represents a different time. With Volkswagens commitment to producing electric cars, it seems fitting that they’ve made letting go of its classic both a nod to the past and the start of something new. 

Of course, big brands can afford to take risks. For smaller businesses digital marketing is a financial investment, there is a temptation to put their marketing strategy on hold for the time being. With everyone tightening their belts it would initially make sense. However, there’s never been a more important time for your business to be visible – particularly online.  

What to focus on?

Digital Marketing During the Pandemic

While the pandemic has made many areas of business grind to a halt, there are still opportunities to increase your website traffic and overall online presence through digital marketing.   

Since lockdown began, search engines have seen an overall increase in traffic due to our increased online presence. From shopping to DIY, we are browsing more than ever. With an expanded online audience comes more opportunity for advertising and promotion. This doesn’t however, only apply to paid advertising. The Financial Times said it had seen a ten-fold increase in trial subscriptions in the past three weeks alone.  

In recent years businesses have begun to realise that their website is incredibly important. If you think of your business website as the ‘shopfront’ to your business, you can start to appreciate that as the first point of contact for potential customers (or clients). Your website needs to do a couple of things, 1. Stand out visually, and 2. Be easy to use (user experience).  

But where should you start? What are the essential aspects you need to focus on if you want to improve your visibility online in 2020? Here are a few;  

  1. SEO – Still one of the most critical aspects of your digital marketing strategy. Good, optimised content will always help improve your online visibility. Considered keyword analysis and research are one of the best organic routes to gaining more visitors to your website. An initial site audit will show you where you are going wrong (or right) and where any changes can be made. Given the present situation – there’s never been a better time to work on your SEO (search engine optimisation).  
  1. Native Marketing – Sick of spending a small fortune on Google Ads? You’re not alone. The explosion of native marketing in recent years (specifically Taboola and Outbrain) has seen significant changes in how businesses advertise. If you want your adverts to appear on mainstream platforms such as the Daily Mail Online native marketing is the avenue for you.  
  1. Social Media Advertising, including TikTok – unheard of up until a couple of years ago, Tik Tok is now one of the fastest-growing advertising mediums in digital marketing. If you start thinking of TikTok as the new Instagram, you’re on the right track. That doesn’t mean you should solely focus on video marketing on TikTok. Facebook & Instagram stories have seen a massive increase in traffic since they started using the facility.   

Clearly the best way to move forward with improving your websites visibility is to integrate a holistic approach to your businesses digital marketing needs. A comprehensive, well thought out (and executed) marketing plan is something every business should invest in – particularly during these difficult times. 

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10 Reasons an Agency is Good for your Business

If you are a marketer and even a small business owner, your ultimate goal is to grow your business. Growing your business online is one of the cost-effective ways of doing this. However, in order to do all these things, hiring people or training people in house will be really costly. This is when a Digital Marketing agency comes to your rescue.

Read on to find 10 reasons why hiring a marketing agency will be advantageous for your enterprise. 

1. Complete service

Your business will receive everything to manage every aspect of your company’s online presence with full-service digital marketing. This includes advertising, marketing and promotions. A full-service digital marketing agency’s aim is to create a full strategy for your business, allowing the employees to define your KPI with it and assess how each department can work to fulfil your business’ mission statement.

2. You’ll get even better value

The process of hiring a full-time marketing executive firstly involves taking time to find the suitable person, and if you’re trying to have your strategy completed and inaction it may not be the quickest option as outsourcing a whole team of skilled individuals.

3. Tactical control 

By using an agency to control your marketing endeavours, you’ll be able to receive a higher level of the tactical and strategic control your business is yearning for. In addition, the agency will update you regularly, during the advancement of your campaign and throughout the implementation process.

4. Quantitative results

A high-standard company will have all metrics measured and analysed to evaluate what’s working and the ad spend is the most productive.

5. Maintain consistency 

Having an agency step in and literally continue from where the progress was left can be advantageous as it prevents delays and allows the deadlines in your business to be met, allowing your mission statement to be fulfilled.

6. Cost-effectiveness

When you’re using a full-service agency, you don’t have to bother about paying more payroll taxes. Instead, you can contact your digital partner when assistance and guidance are needed as opposed to giving wages to people who may not be always fully committed to your set marketing tasks all of the time. It’s also beneficial as you can negotiate rates with complete control over your budget

7. Fresh ideas

Using a good agency will give you great ideas and techniques that drive results for your business. For example, when it comes to social media marketing, a digital marketing agency will help you know where your target audience is mostly available and what kind of content you need to distribute among them. 

8. Scalability 

By hiring a marketing agency, they can scale marketing campaigns to fit perfectly with your business. Wconsishether your company is in rapid growth and expansion phase or just a steady growth phase. This allows no resources to be wasted in the process as well. Plus, scaling marketing activities may not always be possible with an in-house team unless the marketing workforce is expanded.

9. Access to technology and tools

Digital marketing agencies keep their technologies up to date, a professional agency will train their employees with the latest technologies and even keep them educated with the ways to improve. Your business’ productiveness and efficiency will dramatically increase with the latest technology and tools as they’re evolving on a regular basis.

10. No need to train agencies

In a marketing agency for your enterprise, you won’t have to fork out any capital to dispatch employees to a marketing training program or seminar.

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